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Jackie Maloney on WDSU Hot Seat April 14th. Opponent Lindsey Valenti refused to appear for the debate.

My opponent is now accusing me of making false and misleading statements about her experience.

Everything I have said about my opponent's experience is true. She has never tried a case.

If Lindsey Valenti has the record she claims she has, then why did she refuse to appear on the WDSU Hot Seat?

Why did she refuse to attend the forum hosted by Suburban Terrace Civic Association just prior to the primary?

The voters deserve to hear from both candidates. The voters deserve to hear both of our qualifications. The voters deserve to make an informed decision based on facts and truth because this seat belongs to the residents of Jefferson Parish.

Click the button below to watch the WDSU Hot Seat Interview with Travers Mackel and Jackie Maloney that aired on Sunday, April 14. Early voting now underway through April 20. Election on April 27.


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