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Truth. Honor. Integrity. Experience.

Today (April 24, 2024) the District Court granted another temporary restraining order against Lindsey Valenti and her campaign for a commercial that is currently running.  The content of this commercial is a violation of Louisiana law. Candidates cannot violate the law in order to win elections.

Dear Voter,

This election process should be honorable and dignified. And my opponent, Ms. Valenti has chosen to act dishonorably. Ms. Valenti's refusal to participate in public debates further underscores her lack of transparency.

It’s disappointing that Ms. Valenti has continued to falsely attack my record as an attorney because she has no record of her own to stand on.

In contrast, I remain committed to transparency and integrity, offering responses to her false accusations on my website. Furthermore, I am willing to speak to any voter that has questions.

This Saturday, April 27th, I urge you to prioritize experience and integrity over political maneuvering. Together, let's uphold the dignity of our judicial process and ensure that justice prevails. Thank you for your support.


- Jackie


Women’s Republican Club
Crime Fighters of Louisiana


In the primary, Ms. Valenti accused Jackie of being accused of prosecutorial misconduct and hiding evidence.


Jackie Maloney has never been accused of these acts nor has she ever been a part of these heinous acts. Ms. Valenti knew these statements were false when she published them. The Louisiana Supreme Court’s Judicial Campaign Oversight Committee entered into an agreement with Ms. Valenti. She was to destroy all campaign materials.*


Ms. Valenti attacked Jackie’s record for her criminal defense work. She utilized direct mail, social media and television to disseminate false information about Jackie’s background and the cases she represented.


The 6th amendment allows everyone fair representation. Jackie has worked on both sides of the bench.  She has tried over 130 jury trials as a prosecutor in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. In her private practice she has tried hundreds of civil and domestic cases.  Jackie has served as a criminal defense attorney on a few cases.  She has been very selective about the cases she has taken.  Ms. Valenti accused Jackie of being the criminal defense counsel of record in several cases where she was not, including a defendant charged with indecent behavior of a juvenile who had previously been arrested for the rape of a 9 year old.


On April 19, 2024 the District Court ordered a temporary restraining order against Lindsey Valenti due to her ongoing dissemination of false information about Jackie Maloney’s professional background.*


Ms. Valenti attacked Jackie on her personal finances regarding student loans.


Jackie comes from a blue-collar family. After law school she served as a prosecutor in the Orleans DA office taking home only $400 a week. The student loan payments were more than Jackie could afford at the time. Jackie took on a second job and paid the student loans off in full.


Ms. Valenti attacked Jackie on the Judicial Campaign Oversight Committee’s Order


The Committee permitted Jackie’s politically connected opponent to enter into an informal resolution after making up utterly false allegations about Jackie’s ethics, and publicly censured Jackie for not using the word “Committee” at the top of Jackie’s response flyer, when it was clearly indicated the Committee had taken action by printing a portion of their letter.*

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